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It is still a W.I.P., but check it out none the less.

click me!!!!

this is NOT a screamer like my Pig Platformer, turn your sound all the way off if you'd like, the sound is JUST music.

(I have to do that because of my screamer now people don't trust me to make anything descent).

Finally settling on a project.

2008-11-24 23:34:20 by Ruxxy

While working on a game (which failed terribly) I started to use a lot of things that I hadn't before, such as bigger and larger buttons that in the end did close to nothing. I began to design cursors, and designed a interesting crosshair, and then I descided to scout the web for some photos. The first thing that came to mind was monsters. I didn't need monsters, but I searched none-the-less. It popped up with interesting images that could be great for a FPS. I dragged them onto Flash and began messing with it for a while.

So after about TWO I uploaded a WIP. This has up to the first boss.

TIP: To spoil your fun I put in a back door to the boss level, instead of shooting constantly like a noob, you can shoot him in the eye for a ALMOST instant kill (it will bring his HP to 1).


Already 2 MB and I'm adding 4 more boss levels. Here's the idea for it: (2 [enemy] + 1 [boss]) x 5 [1 already made] + 4 [to be made] = 15 [enemies in game]

New Game!

2008-11-21 14:14:34 by Ruxxy

Seeing as Behind Closed Doors is taking forever (with a mouse I may never get it done) I will be canceling it until I get a tablet. I will now be working on a game where you have to drag a ball through multiple levels, there will be some difficult levels, and some easy levels. Some will be fast and some long.

Currently I have no title for the project.

Not only my first video, also my first FBF video, and my first music video!

The song is Behind Closed Doors by Rise Against. I will be doing it at 24 FPS, so it'll take a while to finish.

If it gets blammed I'll kill myself! lol

I expect it should be done by Monday, but you never know!

Wish me luck,

Gossip Girl


I mean,



2008-11-11 00:55:12 by Ruxxy

I know that I sometimes promise updates but then don't do them.

The reason being, I lose my files sometimes. Whether in a accidentally delete or just overwriting and forgetting it is something.

Sorry for anyone expecting an update that isn't or hasn't come.

gravball. v1

2008-10-24 22:12:24 by Ruxxy

Here it is! Version 1 of the gravball flash game series!