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Finally settling on a project.

2008-11-24 23:34:20 by Ruxxy

While working on a game (which failed terribly) I started to use a lot of things that I hadn't before, such as bigger and larger buttons that in the end did close to nothing. I began to design cursors, and designed a interesting crosshair, and then I descided to scout the web for some photos. The first thing that came to mind was monsters. I didn't need monsters, but I searched none-the-less. It popped up with interesting images that could be great for a FPS. I dragged them onto Flash and began messing with it for a while.

So after about TWO I uploaded a WIP. This has up to the first boss.

TIP: To spoil your fun I put in a back door to the boss level, instead of shooting constantly like a noob, you can shoot him in the eye for a ALMOST instant kill (it will bring his HP to 1).


Already 2 MB and I'm adding 4 more boss levels. Here's the idea for it: (2 [enemy] + 1 [boss]) x 5 [1 already made] + 4 [to be made] = 15 [enemies in game]


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