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Entry #6

My first real game (that doesnt suck donkey shit)

2008-12-03 23:28:50 by Ruxxy

It is still a W.I.P., but check it out none the less.

click me!!!!

this is NOT a screamer like my Pig Platformer, turn your sound all the way off if you'd like, the sound is JUST music.

(I have to do that because of my screamer now people don't trust me to make anything descent).


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2008-12-06 19:43:07

There's no way your 18...

Ruxxy responds:



2009-01-18 19:33:27

It says that an error occured.


2009-10-09 23:38:40

It is a screamer -.- YOU LIE I READ THE REVIEWS ON IT IT IS IT IS!!!!!